National Open University of Nigeria – NOUN Application / Admission Forms 2019

Welcome to the National Open University of Nigeria, (NOUN), which is proud, the one and only Nigerian University, which is dedicated to Distance Learning in the Country. Once again, i want to thank you for choosing NOUN as your choice of Institution to pursue your studies.

National open university of nigeria

It is with Gladness of heart ♥ that I wish to inform you, that the NOUN 2019 Admission and Noun application form, is now on sale. Using this medium, i would love to inform and notify the general public, that the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has announce and commence the sales of 2019 Noun Admission application form for admission into the following programmes listed below,

  • Certificate Program,
  • Diploma Programme,
  • Undergraduate Program,
  • Post Graduate Diploma Programme,
  • Masters Degree Program,
  • Doctor of Philosophy Programmes

The above programmes are available for registration, for the 2019 Academic Session.

Using this podium, we are inviting all eligible and qualified candidates, who wishes to study in NOUN, to start submitting their Application for admission into NOUN.

is National Open University Accredited by NUC?

I have received several messages from readers, asking if the national open university is officially recognised by the Nigeria Universities Commission (nuc), while some wants to know, if the national open university of nigeria is approved by nuc to run their programmes, and the answer is YES.

NOUN is listed as the 21st most desirable institution in Nigeria for students, beating more than 100+ other academic institutions to take this position.

Noun Admission Requirement

Here is the national Open university of Nigeria admission requirements to all candidates, seeking for admission into the institution’s certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters and PHD programmes.

Application for Admission

* To start your application, you are required to pay (cash only) for the NOUN Application Form in any branch of the participating banks, which are listed below.

* Please ensure, that before you make payment, you are to obtain a Teller, which is specially designed for NOUN for the purpose of Admission into the institution.

* When you walk into any of the participating banks, please make sure you go to the Bank customer care section, and specifically ask for the NOUN Teller for payment of admission fee.

* You are expected to collect the APPLICATION PIN CODE, which is equivalent to the amount paid for your form.

* Once you have done this, click here to proceed with your application.

Prospective Student

Once you have followed the above guidelines, you can continue with your acceptance of Provisional Admission. You are expected to do the following:

  • Go for screening at any of the Official Noun study centre
  • Obtain a Clearance Code.
  • Sign up on this portal with the clearance code, and you’ll be able to obtain your personalized Matriculation Number.
  • After obtaining the matriculation number, proceed and pay for NOUN registration fees at any participating bank and obtain a receipt containing your Registration Transaction ID.
  • If you have carried out the above steps, visit the Noun portal for guidelines. →

Participating Banks

  • Zenith Bank
  • EcoBank
  • Skye Bank Plc
  • First City Monument Bank
  • United Bank For Africa(UBA)
  • WEMA Bank Plc
  • IBTC

CLICK HERE to apply for the National Open University of Nigeria Application Admission Form.

Important Information

For full information regarding Admission requirements, programmes details and list of available programmes, CLICK HERE to see the official report.

NOUN Admission Form Closing Date For 2019:

This is one questions most applicants are eager to know the answer. Well, unlike other varsities and academic institution, the NOUN registration form for the 2019 academic session is still on. The Management of NOUN has not yet announced the date which they will be closing the application.

However, i will advice all interested candidates to please commence their registration before it’s too late. It is wisdom to register, rather than wait for the school management to announces it’s closing date for registration for 2019/2020 NOUN registration.


Now, this is something that makes NOUN stands out among other universities in Nigeria. NOUN operates a very flexible mode of study, giving students the ample opportunity to determine the pace, place, time and means of study. Students’ support facilities are available Nationwide, in what is generally known as Study Centres nationwide.

NOUN Registration Fee 2019

When we say, what is the National Open University of Nigeria – Noun registration fee, what i actually mean is the registration fee for admission, not the school fees.

These are the 2019 Noun registration fees for their different programmes.


New Students

1 Registration Fees 6,000.00


Returning Students – 1st Semester

Registration Fees 6,000.00

Returning Student – 2nd Semester

1 Semester Registration Fees 6,000.00


New Students

1 Registration Fees 6,000.00

Returning Students – 1st Semester

1 Registration Fees 6,000.00

Returning Student – 2nd Semester

1 Semester Registration Fees 6,000.00


New Students

1 Application form 10,000.00
2 Registration fee per annum 150,000.00

You can check the current National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN School Fee Schedule for the 2019/2020 academic session for all programmes by ⇒ Clicking Here

List of Faculties in NOUN

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
Faculty of Arts.
Faculty of Education.
Faculty of Health Sciences.
Faculty of Law.
Faculty of Management Sciences.
Faculty of Sciences.
Faculty of  Social Sciences.
Centre for Access and General Studies.
Centre for Lifelong Learning.
School of Postgraduate Studies.

List Of Registerable Courses

Faculty of Sciences

MSc. Information Technology
PGD. Information Technology
PGD. Digital Communication
PGD. Mobile (Wireless) Communication Technology

BSc. Mathematics
BSc. Financial Mathematics
BSc. Computer and Mathematics (Combined  Hons)
BSc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Chemistry
BSc. Data Management
BSc. Communications  Technology
BSc. Agricultural Extension and Management
BSc. Biology
BSc. Environmental Science and Resource Management
BSc. Physics

Faculty of Health Sciences

BSc. Nursing (Old Nursing / New Nursing Registrable Courses)
BSc. Public Health

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

You can download the faculty of health sciences in a PDF file format and go through it. Click Here to download the faculty of agricultural science registratable courses.

Faculty of Law

Here is the list of NOUN registrable Law courses. You can now download the complete list of noun registrable courses for Law. CLICK HERE to download.

Faculty of Education


B.Sc (ED) Agric Science
B.Sc (ED) Biology
B.Sc (ED) Chemistry
B.Sc (ED) Computer Science
B.Sc (ED) Physics
B.Sc (ED) Integrated Science
B.Sc (ED) Mathematics
B.Sc (ED) Business Education
B.A (ED) Primary Education
B.A (ED) Early childhood Education
B .A (ED) English
B.A (ED) French


M.Ed Admin & Planning
M.Ed Science Education
M.Ed Guidance & Counselling
M.Ed Educational Technology

Faculty of Management Sciences

You can now download the NOUN Management science registrable courses by Clicking Here

Faculty of Social Sciences


  • IS Registrable Courses
  • CSS Registrable Courses
  • CTH Registerable Courses
  • Mass Communication Registerable Courses
  • Peace, Conflict and Resolution Registrable Courses
  • Tourism Registrable Courses
  • English Registrable Courses
  • French and International and Studies
  • Economics
  • B.Sc. International and Diplomatic Studies
  • Political Science Registrable Courses

Faculty of Arts

Here is a list of registrable courses for faculty of Arts. Click Here to download.

Centre for Life-Long Learning and Workplace Training


Access and General Studies

  • Registerable and examinable gst courses:
  • List of registrable & examinable courses for access programme:

NOUN e-Courseware

All students should take note that the e-Courseware is a repository, which contains all available digital course material of the National Open University of Nigeria, which will help students in their cause of studies.

The National Open University of Nigeria’s e-Courseware is a downloadable PDF format, that contain the lists of all courses offered in the institution.


Before using the noun e-coursewares, you should be aware that the academic institution prohibits the use of its e-Courseware for the following uses;

  • Commercial,
  • Financial purposes other than Educational.

Instructions On How to Download NOUN Course Materials

All candidates who wishes to download any of the NOUN course material, should take note, that for them to be able to read any of the course materials in this library, you must have fully installed the Adobe acrobat reader on your computer, Mobile phones. The goodnews however, is that most computers and mobile devices come with a pre-installed adobe reader.

To read any of the course materials of your choice, you are required to click on the Title of the material. The material will then open in a new window. Once you are done reading it, simply close the window to return to this e-Courseware. However, if you choose to download and print out the course material, you can do so.

National Open University of Nigeria School Fees

I want to share more details regarding the NOU Fees Schedule for the 2019/2020 academic session. Here is the school fee schedules for undergraduates, Postgraduate and PHD.

Please take note that the Course and examination registration fees for all categories of students remain unchanged as at the time of writing this article (2019 updated)

For New UNDERGRADUATES Students, the total compulsory Fees is Forty One thousand Naira Only (41,000.00)

For Returning Students – 1st Semester undergraduates, the total compulsory Fees is Twenty three thousand Naira Only (23,000.00)

While for Returning Student – 2nd Semester, the total compulsory Fees is Thirteen thousand Naira Only (13,000.00)

Post Graduate Programme School Fee

For Postgraduate programmes, the total compulsory fee is Forty Thousand Naira Only (40,000.00)

For Postgraduate returning Students – 1st Semester undergraduates, the total compulsory Fees is Twenty three thousand Naira Only (23,000.00)

While for Postgraduate returning student – 2nd Semester, the total compulsory Fees is Thirteen thousand Naira Only (13,000.00)

For PHD programme, they don’t have a compulsory total fee, however, you can checkout the list of all payment requirements for new students below.

New Students

1 Application form 10,000.00
2 Registration fee per annum 150,000.00
3 Course Registration Fee (where applicable, per courses) 10,000.00
4 Laboratory Access Fee (where applicable, per courses) 20,000.00
5 I.D. Card 2,500.00
6 Library Fees 10,000.00
7 ICT Administrative Charges 10,000.00
8 E- Facilitation 6,000.00
9 Examination Fee 3,000.00
10 Re-sit Examination fee per course (where applicable) 4,000.00

IMPORTANT INFORMATION; Here is the breakdown of all the NOUN Compulsory School Fee Payments. This will give you in details, the payment fees and amounts.

How to Pay NOUN School Fees 2019

Here is the step by step guidelines for all new students, on the payment for the Online Application for Admission into NOUN.

1. The very first step, is to visit and log into the school registration Portal.

2. Proceed and click on Make Payment on the Remita Link.

3. When the Remita Link loads up, you are to insert/enter the amount you want to pay in the provided input box.

4. Once you’ve enter the amount, click On Generate Remita Payment Reference(RRR) Button.

5. Please, make sure that you write down the displayed Payment Reference Number (RRR), this Number is important.

6. With the RRR number, visit any commercial bank branch to make payment on the Remita Platform, using the RRR number you generated.

7. After a successful payment, the amount will take less than 20 Minutes to reflect in the student’s e-Wallet.

Important Note:

All students should be informed that payments can also be made from Internet Banking Applications using the generated RRR. This will help ease the trouble of going to the Bank and standing in queue.

Noun Nursing Programme Requirement and Admission 2019

The full details and guidance for all aspiring Nurses, who are seeking for admission into NOUN have been published on this portal.

Here is a quick rundown of the requirements.

Subjects Requirement for Admission

  • English Language
  • Biology or Health Science,
  • Chemistry,
  • Mathematics,
  • Physics or any other science subject.

Here is the Noun Nursing Programme Requirement and Admission 2019

National Open University of Nigeria Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE)
Information Technology
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
PGD Agricultural Extension and Management
Mobile Communications Technology (Wireless)
Digital Communications
PGD HIV/AIDS Education and Management
Business Administration
Public Administration
Financial Management
Criminology and Security Studies
Journalism and Mass Communication
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
Christian Theology

NOUN Postgraduate Admission Requirements: Masters, PhD

NOUN Study Centres 2019

For all aspiring Noun students, please take note that the noun study centers have been updated for the 2019/2020 academic session, as some have been demolished, others built in all states of the country.

Here, i will be listing out, the list of all the current nou centres and lecture halls in Nigeria. These includes;

  • List of NOUN Approved Study Centres in North East
  • List of NOUN Approved Study Centres in North West
  • List of NOUN Approved Study Centres in North Central
  • List of NOUN Approved Study Centres in South East
  • List of NOUN Approved Study Centres in South South
  • List of NOUN Approved Study Centres in South West
  • List of NOUN Approved Study Centres in North West

You can checkout the full and complete list of NOUN Study centers Here